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Monday, October 19, 2020
California Sergeant-at-Arms

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Assembly Sergeant-At-Arms State Capitol Building, Room 3171 Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2808

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Special Services Division

The Special Services Division (SSD) provides assistance to the Assembly and Assemblymembers.  The services provided include but are not limited to; transportation for Members and designated dignitaries, staffing committee hearings, controlling access to general usage rooms throughout the Capitol and Legislative Office Building (LOB) and assisting as well as regularly assigned duties during Session.  The Special Services division serves in a non-peace officer capacity for the Assembly.


The Special Service division provides transportation for Members and designated dignitaries for legislative business. Members and dignitaries are driven in fuel efficient and highly rated safety vehicles to provide secure transport. Transportation is not limited to areas within the capitol of California, but will be provided to locations throughout California, with the permission and coordination of the Chief Sergeant-at-Arms.  Special Services staff coordinate with Assembly Members and their staff to accommodate transportation requests. The Special Services staff are certified and trained in the Emergency Vehicle Operation Course taught by the California Highway Patrol. 

Posted Position

Sergeants of the Special Service division are posted in committee hearings and floor session to provide assistance to  Assembly Members, employees, lobbyists, and press.  The purpose of the Special Services posted positions is to maintain the professional flow of legislative business.  Sergeants-at-Arms help maintain decorum and act as liaisons for the Assembly Members between staff, press, and lobbyists during committee hearings and floor sessions.

Additional Responsibilities

Special Services staff provide the Assembly with a wide range of services.  Some of these duties include staff shuttles, private cupola tours, and securing all Assembly rooms.  Additional responsibilities may include providing assistance with Photo ID & Keys, as well as operating the X-Ray machines on the loading dock and CHP Academy.  Special Service staff are also trained to act as first responders in the event of an emergency.