Executive Office

The Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms Executive Office includes the Chief Sergeant-at-Arms, two Deputy Chief Sergeant-at-Arms and the Senior Assistant. The Executive Office serves as the core liaison between the Membership, law enforcement agencies and other State agencies.

The Chief Sergeant serves as the chief law enforcement officer for the California Assembly, overseeing a department responsible for the safety and logistical support for the Assembly and its Members.

Chief Sergeant-at-Arms - Alisa Buckley

Alisa Buckley was sworn in as the Chief Sergeant-at-Arms on January 9, 2020. Chief Buckley is the 52nd Chief Sergeant-at-Arms and is the first woman to hold this position. Before becoming Chief Sergeant, Alisa Buckley had an extensive career in law enforcement spanning over twenty years where she held the rank of Police Captain.

Chief Sergeant
Alisa Buckley

Deputy Chief - Security Administration

Deputy Chief Randy Arruda is a 26-year veteran of the Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms Department. With previous assignments in every position in the department, he now serves as the Deputy Chief of Security Administration and Member Services Division.

Deputy Chief - Security Operations

Deputy Chief Cheryl Craft has over 26 years of law enforcement service prior to being selected as the Deputy Chief of Security Operations with the Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms Department.