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Sunday, May 22, 2022
California Sergeant-at-Arms

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Assembly Sergeant-At-Arms 1021 O Street, Room 3610
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2808

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The vision of the Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms is to uphold a tradition of excellence in its service and protective missions. The Sergeant-at-Arms will strive to strengthen its capabilities by improving technological preparedness, enhancing operational and supporting infrastructures and working collaboratively with federal, state and local partners.

The greatest asset of the Assembly Sergeant-at-Arms has been, and always will be, its workforce. Equipped with the best resources and practices, the men and women of the Sergeant-at-Arms consistently strives to prevent and mitigate threats and attacks against dignitaries, protected sites and protected events. Employees are dedicated to accomplishing the Sergeant-at-Arms mission in the most effective and efficient ways, through commitment, teamwork and accountability.



Assembly Chambers

Each session is carefully secured and prepared.  Click below to learn more.


Committee Hearings

Learn how to participate in discussions during committee hearings.


Assembly Gallery

The Gallery is open to the public anytime Session is called to order.  Learn more here.