Assembly Chamber

The Assembly Chamber is one of the most secure areas in the State Capitol Complex. The Chamber seats the eighty elected Members who represent the Assembly districts throughout the State of California. The Assemblymembers, together with the Members of the Senate, are collectively known as the State Legislature.  Before the Assembly is called to order, the Sergeant-at-Arms prepares the Assembly Chamber to ensure a safe and secure environment. After the Chamber is deemed safe, the Assemblymembers are allowed to enter.  Once Members arrive and a quorum is established, Session can be called to order.

During the Assembly Floor Session, the Assembly Sergeants are responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the Assembly Chamber. They monitor all entrances, control access to the Assembly Chamber, and provide security for the Assembly Gallery. During Session, Sergeants work as liaisons between the Assemblymembers, staff, lobbyists and members of the public. Although access to the Assembly Chamber is restricted, the Assembly Gallery is available for public viewing during Session.